Effects of psilocybe cubensis, and its active principle

psilocybe cubensis is a variety of fungi known in Spain as gotzi, monguis, or cucmiellos, in Mexico as hogo de San Isidro teonanacatl, in Guatemala as chongos. Thus, we could travel all over America until reaching Argentina where it is known as cucumelos, a Latin derivative of “cucumellum”, which translates as little cauldron. This mushroom has very intense but controllable effects, much like the golden master.

This is a manure mushroom that reproduces very easily. It is one of the most recommended options to start your mushroom collection at home, and one of the main varieties included in the growkit. It grows very easily and does not require excessive care. Their high number of spores makes them one of the most reproductive species of mushrooms.
Effects of psilocybe cubensis
The substances produced by this variety are psilocin and psilocybin, which upon entering the body and, depending on the dose, can produce intermittent psycho-sensory phenomena. This substance causes a visionary dreamlike state of consciousness and an increase in perception.
In simpler words, there is an alteration of the state of consciousness that allows you to see and feel thousands of things, real or imagined. If consumed orally, one gram of this mushroom can have a strong effect for up to six hours.
Some of the effects or sensations that can be experienced are hilarity, meaning that you can laugh at anything very easily, disinhibition or loquacity. There are also visual and auditory hallucinations that lead to a new and profound perspective on reality.
How to grow mushrooms (comment cultiver des champignons)
The best thing to do for inexperienced hands is to use a growkit. This kit comes prepped and ready, so you need to follow the steps and recommendations. The substrate is already previously colonized, not to require fillings or maintenance. You need to remove the kit from the box and follow some very simple steps, such as removing the lid and placing it inside the supplied bag, making sure that the micro-perforations face up.
After a week, you will begin to see the first bulbs, but you should not water at any time. The accumulated moisture in the bag will do its job. Leave the kit in a place with sufficient natural light and make sure the temperature is around 18-28 degrees Celsius. In about ten days, you will harvest your first mushrooms.

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