Learn about the history of the best Roof tent (Dachzelt), manufactured and promoted by Autohome, on its website.

Las Roof tent (Dachzelt), is like a little Portable house, using the intention of accommodating more or one folks, situated specifically on the roofing of your car or truck, a few use the roof to support themselves, on this website you may delight in a reach of types, flexible into the activity you’re likely to utilize.

These Forms of tents Were used by different American tribes, that were referred to as the tipi or even tipi, and known for his or her shapethey are said to have now been used as 10.00 B C, their identify”tent” is at first from the states Hispanic Americans, can be a product that is operational for all men and women who want to camp.

Autohome has Observed the evolution of the product, that will be now termed Roof tent(DACHZELT ), considering that its patent has been granted in 1958and also the design and promotion of this system started in different regions.

Places for example in International fairs in Australia, the usa, South Africa and Japan, the achievements with this product is experienced, this is an Italian brand that today is easily the most well-known global, with all modern designs, cheerful colors and material high superior premiumquality.

It really is Autohome, the Brand that promotes and promotes these services and products of their Zifer Italia new, which has successfully exploited this product one of adventurers and hikers around the globe, can be an organization with high demand such as orders.

Enjoy and have fun Using the ideal Roofing tent (Dachzelt), which produces and promotes this company, enter the website and understand the variety of designs of roofing tents available, additionally know all of the accessories accessible also to put in such tents.

Among other things which It is possible for you to discover when entering this site, would be the authentic history of this Roof tent (Dachzelt), like the ones who have been designed from recent years of 1957 until the very year of 1959, one of those innovative layouts has been that the tent that the could fold to one side and another of the stalls which was perpendicular elevation.

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